Psion 3a Timer

Psion Timer Assistant

Purpose of Timer Assistant

Timer Assistant is an application for the Psion Series 3a. It combines several functions related to time and clock.

  • Four independently running timers in seconds, with screen-wide digits, including countdown, laptime etc.
  • During countdown a horizontal line to show which part of the countdown-time is remaining
  • Screen-wide Real time display, with the possibility to adjust the internal clock to the nearest full hour or minute
  • Time Calculator: add and subtract times in hh:mm:ss format; divide and multiply them; add and subtract result to memory
  • Stopwatch in /100 sec’s, including a list of laptimes
  • Renaming the four timers
  • Countdown to a specified time
  • Setting alarms in different ways
  • Calculating interval of days and weeks between two dates

Download Timer Assistant 1.2