Wordperfect Language Assistants 2

wp13WordPerfect offers nice character-sets for languages with non-latin characters. The only way to type them, however, is using ctrl-W (the symbols window).

I developed my Greek, Hebrew and Cyrillic WP Assistants to make typing in these languages easy and perspicious, feeling like you have a full wordprocessor in one of those languages.

They are freeware and can be downloaded here.

They are however no longer updated.

Greek WP Assistant
Greek WP Assistant

WP comes with an excellent Greek character-set. It is not easy however to type more than a few characters, especially if complex characters are involved.

Greek WP Assistant is intended to make Greek typing easy and perspicuous. It is available in five versions, for the different versions of WordPerfect. Click on the WP-version you are using.

 Hebrew WP Assistant
Hebrew WP Assistant

WP comes with a nice Hebrew character-set and it has become a little better each new version. Typing them, however, is not easy. Combinations of consonants and vowels are rather complex and you’d like to enter text from right to left.

Hebrew WP Assistant was developed to make all this easy and perspicuous. It is available in five versions, for the different versions of WordPerfect. Click on the WP-version you are using. Of course, Win will give the best results. You’ll be surprised, however, to find out how much is possible with the older versions.

 Cyrillic WP Assistant
Cyrillic WP Assistant

The total Cyrillic character-set is meant to enable typing Russian as well as related languages, such as Croatian, Serb etc. CWA is primarily designed to type the Russian characters on one of the Latin keyboards (US, UK etc.). It offers all the characters of the so called Russian 3 keyboard and a few more. It was developed following the specifications of the Keele University (U.K.) and it is available in different versions.

2 thoughts on “Wordperfect Language Assistants

  1. Deb O jul 30,2012 22:20

    Thank you so much for the Hebrew macro and keyboard map. I’ve been a WordPerfect user from the beginning in the 1980s, and I so prefer it over Word. This will make my Fulbright visit to Israel so much easier for me.

  2. Daveed Sapir nov 5,2012 16:29

    I downloaded this last night and could not get it to work at first but only tried for about 5 minutes because I was too tired! Today I gae it another try, switching things to right justification and presto, everything worked beautifully. I haven’t checked everything, but noticed that the backspace fails to perform a backspace-delete, whereas delete works just fine. I also found that there is a problem with WordPerfect 11 freezing up without being able to cancel the macro. I am going to look into this further since it is probably my stupidity, but perhaps you know otherwise and have a workaround for it. Thanks for what I know will be a great Hebrew Assistant from a great Hebrew Assistant!

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