Wordperfect Language Assistants

Wordperfect Language Assistants
WordPerfect offers nice character-sets for languages with non-latin characters. The only way to type them, however, is using ctrl-W (the symbols window). I developed my Greek, Hebrew and Cyrillic WP Assistants to make typing in these languages easy and perspicious, feeling like you have a full wordprocessor in one of those languages.

Willem Smouter homepage

As you are kind enough to visit my virtual home, let me introduce myself. You noticed my name, Willem Smouter. I was given this name shortly after my birth in 1957. I lived in Valthermond, Breda, Barendrecht, Amsterdam, Apeldoorn, Dalfsen, Rijswijk, Breukelen, Ede and now again in Apeldoorn, all of them villages and cities in ...

Psion 3a Timer

Purpose of Timer Assistant Timer Assistant is an application for the Psion Series 3a. It combines several functions related to time and clock. Four independently running timers in seconds, with screen-wide digits, including countdown, laptime etc. During countdown a horizontal line to show which part of the countdown-time is remaining Screen-wide Real time display, with ...